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Xavier “X” Artis–“The Creative


Xavier “X” Artis is a creative strategist with a renowned reputation for using his entrepreneurial brilliance and passion for positive causes. With over 15 years of experience as an influential force in the entertainment industry, Xavier has demonstrated a proven track record in several capacities of management, business development, brand marketing, and media. His outstanding commitment to social causes and forward thinking inspired the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. to nickname him the “Creative Philanthropist.” He is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of X Artis Studios, a Las Vegas based multimedia eMotional Branding management firm that has produced trailblazing campaigns for some of the most prestigious names in the entertainment business world. He also serves as executive producer of several projects which include TerriePlusOne™ “Entertainment Therapy” seminar series, Healing Starts With Us—a collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Ad Council, and the Stay Strong Foundation youth initiative Used 2 Be Me music, audio books and documentary reality series with business partner, mental health advocate, author and public relations guru Terrie M. Williams.


Xavier’s ability to create opportunities and provide an added perspective quickly began to catch the eye of high level executives and artists. He became a prime consultant for such clientele to transform their visions into business models and productions. Xavier naturally flourished and discovered his mission to create purpose-driven, sustainable brand campaigns for entertainers, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic causes. From this mission, he created and developed X Artis Studios an eMotional Branding firm to merge his breadth of entertainment experience with his deep seeded social concerns.


Armed with passion and commitment, Recycling Inspiration™ (“R.I.”) is a brand concept that was created to re-celebrate achievements through awards previously bestowed upon celebrities, leaders and noted entities for the purpose of encouraging eco-friendly, co-generation, higher education and career development–in an effort to inspire dreams. R.I.’s mission and goal is to unify individuals and collective resources to build a positive impact on communities. R.I.’s overall theme adapts the ideology of “going green.” An integral part of R.I. is its Ambassadors and the donations of their awards. R.I. Ambassadors and their achievements serve as the face and the core of the brand concept which focuses on goodwill and green initiatives. Through their involvement, Ambassadors motivate, cultivate and bring awareness to R.I.’s vision. R.I. Ambassadors’ resources, whether monetary or simply lending the campaign their likeness/image, are deemed as humanitarian acts. The list of Ambassadors currently include such notables as President Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Beyoncé, Len Riggio (Chairman, Barnes and Noble), Soledad O’Brien, Michael Bolton, and the estates of Jackie Robinson and Arthur Ashe to name a few. To be precise, Recycling Inspiration… “Is to live beyond your existence,” says Xavier.


  In 2001, Xavier founded The Stay Strong Foundation (SSF) along with Terrie to raise awareness and develop supportive solutions for depression in the African-American community. SSF’s Used 2 Be Me campaign, which launched on BET’s Mo’Nique Show, is centered around breaking the stigma of youth depression “one kid…one story…one song at a time” using books, music, and documentaries. It is a prime example of his ability to engage a target demographic and achieve the greatest effect possible. In Xavier’s signature style of building paramount collaborations, he developed and cultivated a strategic alliance with SAMHSA that positioned Terrie at the forefront as spokesperson. The effort secured $2.5 million in national advertising space and garnered 11 million media impressions to significantly heighten the awareness and exposure for the campaign and its goals.


Xavier has successfully helped his clients’ programs serve over 25,000 youth and achieve tremendous impact with his awareness campaigns. His Las Vegas mobile billboard project has offered a cutting edge integrative model for organizations to utilize prime advertisements to exclusively promote cause-related campaigns and public service announcements to the Nevada community. He also developed Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.’s desire to give away toys into a full fledged experiential annual community holiday event titled “Freedom of Giving.” In the tradition of his concern for youth, Xavier organized and produced Amber Ready Safety Weekend—an event which stressed and promoted child safety while including guest appearances by Robin Thicke, Trey Songz, Raven-Symone and Doug E. Fresh. Xavier created The Jamaica 360˚ Black College Graduation Celebration – a leadership retreat honoring the achievements of new graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students’ lives were transformed four years later,letters of gratitude still arrive.


His philosophy and personal signature, “create a good day for yourself,” defines who he is. Born and raised in Queens, NY, Xavier’s vision of World Peace and resilience has propelled him far beyond the obstacles presented by his life circumstances. Xavier’s business philosophy and moral principals have been highly influenced by his father’s integrity and largely impacted by his words of wisdom: “The measure of a man is through his deeds…To love your people, you have to have wisdom, moral courage, and a whole lot of patience…family is not always blood.” Xavier “X” Artis is clearly a man who possesses the attributes of strength, courage, perseverance and wisdom–all while being unafraid to rise up and welcome challenges. His life and legacy of helping others create opportunities for themselves will be long-standing and a model for many to emulate.